Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Lazy Weekend.

It's the first of March. You know what that means? My birthday is in 25 days. Woo!

Well, this weekend aside from beauty school has been pretty lazy. I woke up at about 10 this morning and played gears of war with Steph and Kurt for a little bit. Now I'm just about to take a bath and make some lunch.

Stephanie isn't feeling too good. I went over to her house last night cause she really wasn't feeling good and then went to Isaac's Gears of War Graduation party. It was really fun. I kicked those boys' butts. hahaha. We ate pizza and had pop. It was a way fun night. :]

My mom called me today. They were at the racetrack in Vegas before the races started. I hope they're having fun. Maybe I'll have to go with them next year.

Well... Not to much going on besides that.

Oh, my arm however is feeling a lot better. My thumb still kinda hurts right in the ball of my palm, but I'm doing much better. Us Christensen's and our freakish left arms. hah.

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