Monday, November 16, 2009

At least I blog once a month?

Haha. Sooo, once again, I'm going to apologize for being the most inconsistent blogger. Now let's get to business.

I finally got a job doing hair! I work at the Smart Style in the Ammon Walmart. I started on the second of this month. I love the girls that I work with there. They are all really fun, and I get along really well with all of them. I've been making some pretty good tips, and I've gotten into the groove of things pretty fast. :] Not bad for my manager not really telling me ANYTHING. haha. But, I love it. :]

I haven't seen Brent for little over a month now. :[ He was supposed to come up this weekend, but it snowed, and the roads were pretty bad. Hopefully he's coming up for Thanksgiving. I really hope he can come up. I miss him so much. I think the time and the distance has been getting to both of us lately. I cant' wait to see him again.