Monday, December 27, 2010

It's been... awhile.

Seems when you get caught up in everything, you kind of forget to blog... or maybe more than kind of.

Well, Christmas was two days ago. I spent the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. Tyson had to work a 12 hour shift on Christmas, so we all woke up early so we could watch Ty open his presents and open our presents from him before he had to go to work. After my parents and I finished opening our presents we got to watch Ry's kids open their presents on Tokbox. ( It made me miss the hell out of them. I can't wait till June when we go to visit them for a week. As always, we went to Wayne and Marcia's for Danish coffee cakes; got to see Cheryl's son, Chad, after about 5 years. It was a nice surprise. My mom had everyone over for dinner at 6 that night. I got to have my favorite meatballs. It's always nice to get together with all the relatives. I am very blessed for the family I have. We are all so full of love, and hold onto family traditions. I never laugh as hard as I do, as when I'm hanging out with my family. There, of course, was a lot of Mexican Train and Apples to Apples played that night.

I spent some time with Joe today. I gave him his Christmas present: Tea Tree Shampoo, Touche Amore hoodie, truckstop beanie, and a hotsauce 5 set. He got me a band of Horses LP, and my turntable is coming in the mail still. He's a really nice guy. Always up front and honest. Makes me laugh; not afraid/ashamed of who he is. Amazing chef and music connoisseur. Been taking it considerably slow with him. It's a nice change.

New Years is coming up. This is the time of year that always makes me reflect on everything I've been though this year, and it's been kind of nice having this blog to look back on all that. It's also a time when I think of change. Where my life is going now; what I want out of life. I want to go to school this year. I want to meet new people. I want to build up my clientele at work. As always I want to blog more frequent than I usually do. hah.

Well, I hope this gets you more up to speed.