Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My graduation was on Monday night. I didn't want to go, but my mom insisted, and I'm kinda glad she did. I got to hear my favorite teacher, Mr. Sanders, speak, and even though I didn't.... bond well with many students from Skyline, it was still a good experience. Here's some pictures from the graduation and after.

Me looking all cheesy in my robe.

I'm the blondie right in the center.

SHS.... kinda messed up.

Me and my cake :]

Congratulations to me! haha.

I love my brothers. :]

They are the best brothers ever. :]

Flowers from Ryan and Ashley.

I also received flowers from my parents that are pink and cute. :] I didn't have a picture though, and I'm too lazy to take one and upload it and all that jazz. haha. But thank you mom and dad and the rest of my family who made my graduation night wonderful. I love you all, and thanks for the support all these years. :]