Sunday, September 27, 2009

I deserve the award for...

Worst consistent blogger. haha.

I see that the last blog I posted was right after boards... So you should know that I passed with flying colors. I got a 94 on the written, and a 90 on the practical. Preeeetty dang good if you ask me. ;) I already got my license in the mail, and I'm just waiting to find a job. I'm to the point where I've been applying for jobs not even pertaining to hair. I am kind of hoping I get this job as a secretary at this aesthetics clinic. It's kinda along the lines of cosmetology... right? Haha, even if it is cosmetic surgery... Anyways, I WISH I could get a job doing hair, but at this point in time, any job is fine by me. I need to start making money if I'm gonna pay off my car, and move out in the spring!

Brent came down this weekend, which was GREAT because I've been really lonely sitting at home all day with my best friend in Boise, and him in Salt Lake. Thank God for family right? They have been my only friends lately, which is totally fine, but I have a bad case of cabin fever. Anyway, it was really nice to see him. I've missed him soooo much. Long distance relationships are definitely hard, but if you've found the right person, it is totally worth it. I'm just grateful for the internet and the phone, because it would be MUCH harder. Friday night we went to dinner at Mongolian Grill (he's been craving it ever since he was up here for the forth of July), and hot-tubbed, and went to bed. The next day we planned on going to Mesa Falls, but ended up having to take the trailer hitch up to mom and dad, and we decided to go to "dunch." Brent and I then decided that it was too late in the day to go to Mesa Falls, and just headed home. Stephanie and Tyson agreed to go see the informant with us. Man... I've never watched a movie with so many... twists? You never knew who was on the good side or bad side. haha. Anyways, it was just a really relaxing weekend, and I'm very glad I got to see Brent and Steph.

Now I'm back to my waiting game for a job, and sitting on the computer all day. haha. I guess I can't complain about sleeping in...

OH! I forgot to mention. I drastically changed my hair. I've gone from Long Blond, to A-line Brunette. Here's some pictures of the before and after: