Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well well....

What to talk about?

Had the family reunion last weekend. It was good to see all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. Played soem miniature golf... Didn't come in dead last. ;) Went swimming with all the little cousins.. Idk why little kids love me... because they drive me crazy. haha. Steph came up with us too. It was good to have Tyson there too. :]

I went to Jill's baby shower Sunday evening. It was really nice; Kristi had everything planned down to a t. We played some pretty ridiculous games. One was passing a pacifier around in an circle with your mouth, and the another one you had to guess the flavor of the baby food by taste and smell.. *vomit* I got Jill a little pink and white polka dot onsie with a cute little overall skirt thing... and some hair accessories.

I went to an Every Time I Die concert on Tuesday. It was awesome. My friend Justin and Brett's band, Cremation 186 played. It was good to see Brett again, and to meet up with some old friends... and meet some new ones. :] We went to Denney's afterwards. It's kind of our tradition.

Well... That's all for now...
I 'spose...

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