Friday, January 1, 2010

So this is the new year...

Well folks, it's 2010. Can you believe it?
I know I sure can't. I remember when it was the new millennium...
And look at us now; starting the next decade of the 2000's.
I feel like I've accomplished a lot this year. I finished high school in February, and beauty school in August. I've found a job doing hair, working with girls that I like. :] And I know that this year is gonna be even better. :] I haven't made any resolutions yet... I mean, I guess there's always the 'lose weight' one, but I don't know if anyone ever accomplishes that one... haha. I have been trying to run every night, but I've been slacking a little bit over the holidays... but I'm gonna try and keep it up. I can't really think of any other resolutions... I guess save money as much as I can. I'm moving out soon, so I have a feeling money is gonna be tight... haha.

As always, I have been an inconsistent blogger. Maybe I should make that one of my New Year's Resolutions. Haha. To try and blog more than once a month... hehe. I guess I'll start by filling you in on all my holiday adventures. Thanksgiving was great. My mom had eye surgery, so we didn't go to Wayne and Marcia's. Instead, my dad stepped up and made an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for us, since my mom had just had her surgery (what an amazing dad, eh?). Christmas came and went, just like it always does. The majority of my presents were kitchen stuff for when I move out, which we will talk about here shortly. :) Tyson and I teamed up and bought everyone a present together; we got my mom a new stainless steel garbage can for the kitchen, my dad a $50 gift certificate to Sportsman's Warehouse, and our Brother and Sister-In-Law we got Left 4 Dead 2 (they love Zombie video games). I got Tyson a new Xbox Controller, and he got me the Uglies Book Series that I LOVE. We, of course, went over to Wayne and Marcia's for Coffee Cakes, and then everyone came over to our house for dinner. I love the Holidays, because they are all about being with your family. :)

The weekend after Christmas, Brent, Me, and some friends all went to Lava Hot Springs to relax. It was a lot of fun, and I was VERY happy to see Brent. <3 He got me speakers for my laptop that look like a panda head, and some mittens that you plug into your laptop that heat your hands. *See Below*

New Years was kinda laid back.... I was very tired, and Steph was sick... We both kinda went to bed early. haha. But Brent called me and wished me a happy new year, and told me he missed me, and wished he could be with me... heh. <3

And now to the part about me moving out. :D haha. So I recently realized that I'll be looking for a place to live down in Utah in 4 MONTHS! I can't believe how close it is, but I'm super excited. No more missing Brent for me! However, I know I'm going to miss my family so much. :[ I don't know what I'm gonna do without my mom especially. I know I'm gonna be calling her every day. :P And idk what I'm gonna do without my best friend, Tyson. *sigh* But that's life. You've gotta grow up someday right? I'm very excited, but very nervous too. I know I'll make it though. :]

Speaking of moving. Ryan got a job 13 hours away in Oregon. This means I won't be able to see my little nephew and nieces as often. *sob* I love those little ones so much. I'm definitely going to be visiting them whenever I can. I can't imagine how my mom feels losing her baby, and then her grand-babies.

Anyways, I guess you are all caught up on my life now. :]

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